Our Food Products
Since its founding in 1985, Skylark is committed to providing high quality poultry products to consumers and is known for quality, innovation and value of its product offering. Skylark Group, the largest poultry integrator of North India has operations in the fields of Grand Parent Stock, Parent Stock, Hatcheries, Broiler Contract Farming, Poultry Feed Production and Poultry Equipments. Strengthened with highly organized integrated production of more than 5 million broilers, Skylark has ventured into a poultry processing to provide fresh, healthy hygienic & wholesome chicken directly to consumers.

The best products begin with the best chicken. Nutrich fresh chicken comes from grand parent stock of Hubbard Breeders, France, one of the largest producer of pune line & grand parent in the world. The breed is the product of years of genetic selection by top poultry scientists. The modern bird yields a high percentage of tasty & nutritious meat which means more value for money to consumers.
Nutrich chicken birds are reared using Skylark’s own produced day old chicks (DOC’s) and are feeds with own high nutrition feed. The feed is produced using protein rich grains like Corn & Soyabean and other important minerals & nutrients. Strict biosecurity measures are adopted at our farms to ensure disease free birds. The health & growth of birds are closely monitored by trained veterinary doctors.

Strategically located near Delhi on National Highway No. 1, Skylark has a modern conveyourised poultry  processing plant equipped with latest international technology and sophisticated machinery imported from Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V., The Netherland, a world renowned supplier of poultry processing machinery.Birds are processed on a conveyourised  belt and includes Stunning, scalding, Defeathering, Head Removing, Evisceration, Bird Washing, Hock Cutting. Immediately after slaughtering the chickens are chilled at 5-6˚C and locked in Freshness & Taste and then packed hygienically. The process is carried out in air conditioned hall maintained at 10-12˚C to avoid bacterial multiplication. Finally fresh chilled chicken supplied to consumer is tender, juicy, hygienic & healthy.
Production at plant is done by adopting modern hygiene principals and implementing standard sanitary operating procedures. Plant and personnel hygiene is our top concern. Routine medical examination of workers, restricting entry of foreign material in the plant viz, dust, flies, mosquitoes, insects etc., no direct touch of worker’s hand with products are some of our sincere efforts to achieve the goal.
We offer a complete range of fresh chilled products which includes:
  • Whole chicken
  • Chicken Boneless
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Legs
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Chicken Lollipops
  • Chicken Curry Cuts
  • Chicken Liver
  • Chicken Gizzard

Nutrich fresh chicken gives the opportunity to Indian consumer to enjoy the taste of international quality broiler chicken. Healthy birds are selectively taken from our farms and are processed & packed under strict hygienic & sanitary conditions at our state of the art processing plant. A fully equipped laboratory to diagnose the health & hygiene status of the product and plant is operated by trained technicians.
To ensure food safety at every stage of production we have implemented comprehensive food safety processes & procedures as per the guidelines laid down in HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points).

Poultry Equipments:

The Poultry equipment setter and hatcher trays are extremely robust, yet light to handle. They are washable up to 85°C and have high rigidity and dimensional stability for optimal use in hatchery automation systems.

Setter Trays Hatcher Trays
Skylar Equipment setter trays are designed to comfortably accommodate even large turkey eggs, without restricting airflow around each egg. Two types are available – the standard 126-egg tray and the optional 63-egg tray. One-day-old turkeys (as well as ducks and geese) are significantly taller than day-old chicks. In response to the requirements of hatcheries specialising in these species, Skylark Equipment has developed a deeper hatcher tray. This tray is 2.3 cm higher than the chicken tray and measures 14 cm in height. The birds certainly benefit from the additional comfort which in turn enhances the quality of the hatchlings.
Benefits: Benefits:
  • Design with improved cleaning characteristics, washable up to 85°C
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High rigidity and dimensional stability for optimum use in hatchery automation systems
  • Easy to stack
  • Flat bottom surface for adequate in-ovo injection
  • More space per egg + specially shaped egg supports for correct positioning, regardless of egg size
  • Designed for easy washing up to 85°C
  • High rigidity and dimensional stability for easy use in hatchery automation systems
  • Easy to stack
Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (cm)
72.5 - Length
29.5 - Width
0 40 - Height
Standard for all Petersime setters for chicken eggs (different trays for other type of fowl)
75.0 - Length
68.5 - Width
13.0 - Height
(a special, 14 cm deep hatcher tray is available for turkeys and ducks)

Digital Control Unit:

Set Point Min.
Set Point Max.
Temperature F 95 102
Humidity 80 95
Ventilation 96 103